All Along The Kazoo Tower

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This week features our own kaisermeathelm on kazoo, me on guitar, and Kelly Gunter on vocals. We’re performing Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower, arranged for guitar and kazoo.



. . 2 + . + 4 .

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This week’s entry is a 12-bar blues progression in G major. (played straight like a funk tune would be).  I wrote the bass line and intended to play it on my bass but couldn’t get the notes clean enough (not enough pinky strength to kill the string buzz). The guitar is also mine, although that is edited together from a few takes. Getting the rhythm hits perfectly on the 2, the and of 2 and the and of the 3 and the 4 proved hard for me.



Funk Arrestor

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This week’s upload is a short funk riff on E over a Garageband-supplied drum loop. I wrote the guitar and bass parts. I’m having a lot of trouble getting a nice clear bass tone from my gear; anyone have any suggestions?



Almost finished BJ. Test audio.

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More. More. more. Like the guitar part somewhat. Overall, meh. Check it.

Indie Iron

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Here’s a quick draft of a project I’m working on. The timing gets a little shaky but I like where the song is going. I’ve sent a copy to Kelly Gunter, the singer who work on ’15 Years’ with me, so hopefully next week’s submission will bring a full version of this new song.



Early sample of test project

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Beginning secret poop project for next weekend. Much work to do. Is sample. MJaaaay.

All sounds courtesy of Propeller Reason 4.0 -Redrum and NN-XT.

Poopfest 2010 upload of the week

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06_07_Iron_ Blues2-01

Enjoy the poopfest gents. Thanks for the upgrade Adam. I’m done ranting like an adult infant. HOORAAAAY! har.